Hello! I'm Roberto, I work as a web developer and I have a penchant for UX.

Oh that's great.
Have you built interesting things?

On the last years I've developed good number of iPad apps for Fortune 500 companies and a few web apps going from marketplaces to SaaS.

And before that?

Dozens of commercial websites.

So you're a full-stack developer?

I guess I could say that, however my current focus is on frontend development

What tools do you use for that?

I don't have a preferred set of tools, in every project I'm learning new things, but the "standard" toolbelt includes an MVCish framework like Angular or Knockout...

...coupled with?

With a CSS preprocessor like LESS or SASS, an utility library like Lodash and sometimes a CSS framework like Bootstrap.

Ok, and what about backend?

In the past I used PHP frameworks, now I'm using more Rails. And for databases I'm used to work with MySQL, & Mongo.

Do you use Git?

My life will be miserable without Git. Here's my Github profile, but most of my stuff is private and I use Bitbucket.

Awesome, do you have other places where I can find you?

Linkedin, Dribbble (because I love to stay in touch with design), HackerNews (because I'm a hacker... just kidding, because it's super interesting) and Kickstarter (because I'm a fan of tabletop games).

How can I contact you?

You're talking with me right now :)
But you can email me here, just solve the captcha